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August 14, 2007


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About half of Il Nessie's posts refer to some sort of epic hangover, usually followed by a top-10 or top-15 result within a few days. How about for the off season, he fills in for a "Coach's tips for ____" and teaches us all how to achieve this sort of booze-fueled speed?

Thanks for the linky-love Mike.

Nice workout BTW. How'd your Wheaties, English Muffin, Yogurt, and 6oz apple juice taste on the way back up? [Ed. Which time?]

where do i sign up.....?

Maybe Nessie's onto something. I'm not sure if Jim's asking me about what happened during the workout, or with a night out with Nessie.

I was asking about the workout, though drinking with Nessie sounds like it could be fun. Bill Gross has had me working neuromuscular power for quite a while, and if I was to do that workout of yours at say 90% - 95% effort, I'd throw enough watts to run a small hair dryer, and would throw enough breakfast up to feed a small nation in the developing world. Triathlets ride by me huffing at Hains because I'm doing 12 MPH and weaving back and forth during this workout, it's embarrassing. I call it the Nauseator Maximus, or the One-Two-Three. One hour, then your choice of two hurls, or three hours of moderate to severe nausea and drooling. If suffering correlates to training benefit, I get a lot out of this.


BJ had me doing a similar workout eralier in the season to get me ready for the quick accelerations out of Crit corners. At first I thought the workout was a typo, but I was wrong. Great workout to gauge weaknesses and get them addressed, plus a little "humble-pie" for our egos is not a bad thing. I use these workouts as an excuse in that I haven't quite recovered from them (yet) and it's been 4 months ago.

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