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December 04, 2007


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Ok Mike, it's clear you have w-a-y too much time on your hands and your brain is wandering to la la land. Have BJ dial up more mileage, or intervals, or something!

I wrote this during a tempo interval.

And just because your parents didn't name you "Acceleration" is no reason for you to take it out on me.

I dunno, I have different ideas - and the MABRA Cross Bar counts under your rules.

Best overall bike racing name: Gunnar Shogren (Fort Factory).

Name that scares people into thinking some Flandrian flahute just showed up to dominate the race: Jared Nieters (Haymarket). Honorable mention: Heidi von Teitenberg (C3-Sollay).

Best Fast Guy Name - Mike Birner (AABC)

Best Cyclocross Name: Jim Mudd (Hunt Valley).

I tend to tell people I prefer to have my first name to be an inital and my last name pronounced in Spanish.

K.Jones or K-ho-nez

Maybe I am reaching too much for a good laugh.

Gunnar is an awesome name. Its English denotation alone makes it fearsome. But it's also obviously European, and Europeans are obviously fast, particularly in CX.

Kyle, I'm pretty sure you get funnier every day. But try as you will, it seems nearly impossible to get your teammates to call you anything other than 'Baby Huey.'

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