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April 21, 2008


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That 123 race was good! Richmond Pro had a string turnout on Sunday as well. Heres a link to the pictures I got on Sat at the Tour De Beach..... http://stormyworld.net/gallery2/main.php?g2_itemId=26004

Calling Richmond Pro Cycling the Harley Davidson of VA is somewhat insulting to both teams. Both teams are elite level, doing their own thing. It's unfair to say either one is like the other. I'm sure the members of the team would agree with my thoughts.

plus..harley already showed richmond pro cycling who is boss at jeff cup.

Man, for such skilled sufferers, you bike racers sure are a sensitive lot.

My point was simply that when VA racers see the Richmond Pro guys show up at a race, they know the pace is going to be hot, same way the MABRA guys feel when the white Battley Harley kits roll up to the line. It's pretty clear from just about everything I've written about either squad here that I've got respect for both.

I like both teams the same but lets just look at the facts: one team is premised on youth outreach and community involvement (as stated on their website) and another team is full of middle aged "has beens" who look like they belong in prison rather then at a bike race, not to mention the shadow of a doubt D. Fuentes cast upon himself by having a positive test.
I know my shit. I raced Jeff Cup, I was on neither team but I was able to see the sheer numbers Harley had over Richmond Cycling. They put 3 in the break, Richmond had 2. Harley had a responsabilty to win.
Besides, thats Jeff Cup... lets wait until some real races.
Now if you want to bust on Richmond PRO Cycling for the "PRO" label in their name, thats more fair...until then, I think I know what team looks better...

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