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April 22, 2008


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Hey, love it when you 'PROS' do websites like this. I just wanted to say hi and thanks.

Do you guys talk to other teams while racing or is it all a little bit quiet? Have you got friends on other teams, you must spend a lot of time with all those other teams in races.

Say hey to Rory Sutherland, go the Aussies!

Ah well we're all pretty nice to each other. And since people change teams all the time everyone ends up knowing everyone.
But sometimes words to come up and there's yelling and arms in the air but it settles down because no one wants to crash or to see anyone else crash.
Its good to have friends in the bunch as you can imagine.
And there are two Aussies one Health Net-Maxxis, Rory and Karl.

Matt - Thanks for the updates, really cool. How often is your team together? Do you guys have a training camp in the winter and then 'see you at the races' or something else. Also, are you pretty much on your own for training plans/coaching or does the team sort that out for you. Good luck tomorrow. - DK

the team is only together at races but its no problem for us to gel as a team, we are all professionals and we know how to race our bikes so its not a problem. we did have a camp in sunny Solvang, Cali in February if I remember correctly. Camp is pretty much the only time the entire team is in the same place at once. guys live all over the country and just fly into races. last year on Navigators we even had guys living in Europe that would fly to the US for races. I dont know how they did it but they did and they're still doing it this year.
and im on my own for training. i had a coach last year but at this point i know what i need to do to get fit. i have a few workouts that i always go back to and I train with my buddy Phil Zajicek alot. i also motor pace when i can.

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