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April 23, 2008


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matt...keep it going my man! Stay fresh and kill it on Brasstown Bald. We'll be looking for you to destroy all the big names and get your face on velonews this month.

Matt, keep kickin' ass in the race, and BTW this is the best inside-the-race blog I've seen from a pro. Tremendous. Thanks for opening a window into your world.

Good luck tomorrow. Your updates rock. Hopefully we'll see you back in this neck of the woods for Poolesville!

Good Luck in the TTT Today. The crash yesterday with Timmy Duggan looked really bad. Hope everyone's ok.

Like others here have said. It's great getting these reports from inside the peloton. Thanks!

Matt, great reports, makes us old Cat 3's realize that racing is racing...seems it's the same whatever the level!! When you are not in a race block, I was wondering how much time per week you spend training?

I just got back from the TTT, dont know how we ended up cuz there still a few teams to finish. looks like slipstream killed it though.
i guess i spend about 25 hours a week training. sometimes 15 or less but never more than 25 unless its the winter than i can get up to 30 or just over but truth is that happens once in a blue moon.
difference is with my training or any good pro is that we generally go very deep-- like not only quality but good quality. its one thing to go thrash yourself and be worked from a ride but unless that ride actually means something and has a goal to it than really yer just flogging yourself for the sake of flogging yourself.
its like those workouts that i keep coming back to. Most of them are the opposite of fun and I'd rather not do them at all but they work.

It is good to hear that intervals are not supposed to be fun, so I am doing them right. So do you periodize or basically just ride? That has been a big topic in our little groups around here.

I think this is fantastic that you are doing this.

Thanks for the answers, Matt...I watched a bit of the TTT today on the computer, saw your team and the Marco Polo team, although it was a fairly short TTT, it looked painful :-). What do the next few months look like in terms of your race schedule?

ok the internet is just coming back after being absent for the nearly the whole day so im just going to answer this and not do an entry for the day.
i do not periodize im sure that spelled wrong but...I dont do it. long miles in the winter and then just start building form by doing more and more quality. Stage racing helps build form too. I know thats hard to do unless you fly all over and do lots of racing but long training camps or trying to do a four day weekend be a decent substitute.
My schedule for the rest of the season is Mt. Hood, Philly maybe, Nature Valley, Fitchburgh maybe, Cascade, Tour of Utah, Colorado Stage Race, and US Pro road race champs. There will be a few others for sure maybe a DC area one and I will try and do the Mt. Evan Hill Climb.
Yes that TTT was painful. There were a few times my vision went blurry and my head tilted sideways.

im living vicariously through you on the razor's edge!

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