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April 28, 2008


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Thanks for the updates Matt, I really enjoyed reading them each day. Good luck with the rest of your season. I bet that first morning after a long race feels good eh?

Thank Matt for your personal insight in to the Tour de Georgia! It was fun to follow you and your team in this classic pro race. What's next on your agenda? Mt Hood? Are you going to report on that too? Good luck on your upcoming races.

You got it, Mt. Hood is next. Does anyone want me to report on that?
I was thinking Gila but I need a little rest right now. I am eating cereal and watching cartoons as I write this.
Thanks for the well wishes.

Also just a few more notes that I forgot to add in the post.
On the Brasstown stage, I heard some Spanish in my ear piece at the start of the stage and I thought, 'what? oh its probably nothing.'
And then there was a Belgium accent and it could only be one person, Johan Bruyneel. We had the same frequency as Astana the whole day. Johan is very good, very positive and knew the course well.
The other thing is the wheels I rode for that stage, the Mavic Ultimates. Its not because they are a sponsor but these are definitely the best wheels I've ever ridden.
Stiff, light, good braking surface, great acceleration. I dont have to money to buy them but if I did, I would. Just so you guys know.


Great race, would love to read more from your next race(s).

Thanks for taking the time to write these up, Matt. Enjoyed them.

(Saw you getting hit up for a couple of autographs at the rider sign in on Stage 7. I was too slow with the camera to catch it. Maybe next time, eh?)

I haven't been cooked. You have.

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