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April 21, 2008


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Hi Matt,

Nice racing today. I watched it online and saw that move you were talking about. Was it you, or a teammate from Healthnet who did that really strong bridge up to the break?

Anyway, good luck the rest of the week, I'll be following.

Do guys do any blocking (like when you were up the road) or is that frowned upon at the elite levels?

Good to see the local boys doing well...keep it up.

It was nice to see your name out there in the press when you took a flyer. Keep up the good work! It's great to see a local MABRA rider causing some commotion. If you need an old wheel you know where to look :)

Good luck! Make us proud!

ha, NOT ME who did that move. It was Frank Pipp and I want to see his power file for that effort. That's pretty cool you can watch it online. I didnt know you could.

And no, not too much blocking going on. It never really gets that slow. And blocking wouldn't work at this level b/c anyone who wants to chase will just do it, no amount of blocking will stop a motivated team to bring back a break.

Thanks for the diary, Matt. Expect things to get a little twitchier tomorrow? I imagine everyone's thinking of the race being decided barely after it was started, last year, and not being interested in letting many breaks get away.

Always cool to get details from inside the peloton. I'm heading down to follow things later this week, and will give you a wave.

What wheel did you crack? Was it just a damage to spokes? Keep it up... good luck for the next stage whenever.

it was a Mavic Cosmic Carbone.
thats what we race on in the flat stages and then the R-Sys in the hilly stages.
btw, the Maxxis tires are very very nice. There so sticky so they corner great.
the wheel is trashed i wanted to get a pic but we had already given it to mavic who is at the race and does neutral support.

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