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June 27, 2008


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Thanks Mike for doing this.

Doc has impacted the lives of countless people in the MABRA community. He is, without a doubt, one of the most selfless human beings and competitors I have ever met. He has always been there when the cycling community has needed him; let's show him it wasn't all in vain.

Awesome job Mike and Mitch, great use of this podium to reach out to those with the most vested interest. Now like Mike said, pony up the $$$$

This is a great cause in general, but especially for cyclists. There but for the grace of God go I...

I'm curious... Does this donation go to Craig Clark in any way, or is it just for a good cause? Not that I wouldn't mind giving to a good cause, but I'd like to know where the funds are going to end up in any case...

The donation goes to Raisin Hope and from there to programs related to brain injury research and rehabilitation. Per Saul: "As for the percentage of money given back to programs, I am proud to say that we keep a percentage in our account that we are required to keep to maintain the foundation and the rest goes back to programs like- Shepherds Hospital, Camp Twinlakes, etc. My wife and I also incur most of the operating costs such as paying for business cards and paper, etc. because we do not believe people's donations should go to those items. A small percentage of the money raised from the event would go to the Raisin Hope Foundation to maintain the account (money we can't touch) and the rest can be directed at an organization you choose."

We plan to discuss w/ Doc's family what organization(s) they'd like the funds directed to through Raisin Hope.

While the money will not go to Doc, it will go to fund programs directly related to what he is experiencing right now.

- Mitch

BTW, if you go to www.saulraisin.com and click on "Raisin Hope Foundation" you can find a little more info, as well as links to some of the organizations that the foundation has helped fund to date.

- Mitch

Thanks for posting this! I am sure there are probably plenty of others, who like myself, got so caught up in the FUN race that we forgot to go contribute back to what the race is supporting. Thanks for the second chance and not-so-gentle reminder about giving back. This blog really helps tie together our cycling community. Thank you Mike.

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