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July 17, 2008


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Next year, I propose that we turn races into "events." Let there be grills, beers, and bands. I want an endless summer of racing my bike and hanging out with the 100+ friends of mine whom I race against. We don't need no new race venues, just more excuses to hang out together. (We also don't need no microwave oven)

Let's not forget the lovely weather at Murad and the subsequent cancellation. I'll file that under 'disappointing.'

Is the season over already? Crap, I am just starting to get good again!
Oh well, cyclocross season is in 64 days or something crazy like that! I'm pulling the bike out of the closet and pumping up the tires!

It has been a disappointing season. This is the first season I have been performing well enough to be comfortable in crits and all the good ones are getting cancelled! The Tour De Portsmouth and the Tour De Portsmouth were probably two of the better races. The Downtown Norfolk crit was cancelled early in the season even before it made it to the calendar.
The Sportsplex is a step in the right direction for the area. It is a safe place to race but the course is not the least bit technical. But at least it is a place to race here that is actually semi-supported by the City of VB.
Hopefully next season will provide us with a few more races!

It's been more of a short season than a dissapointing season. Having more (any??)races in August would make a two peak season a lot more feasible.

Can we get a race that goes up a bit? I'd like to think that weighing 145 lbs would be an advantage, just once, during the season. How about the Raw Talent Classic--Jay?

Maybe somebody could put together a promoters bible. Then post that bible on the MABRA website. Might make it a little less intimidating for someone to jump in and put on a race. I would love to, but the whole process seems overwhelming.

Elkton, Leonardtown and Silver Spring were some of my favorite crits and they are gone with nothing comparable to replace them. Maybe more openness on why these events get canceled or moved to less obtrusive - and way less cool - venues.

We take exception to the comment about the lack of hardware accumulation at Natz! Team CycleLife, ABRT, LSV, HPC, C3 ... MABRA's representation in Louisville was NOT lacking. While we missed getting a jersey, we did bring home quite a collection of medals and podium shots, not to mention press in Louisville media outlets.

As far as races, some of those teams that never throw ANY races need to step up. Putting an event on the calendar only to have it canceled year in and year out doesn't count. ABRT throws 3-4, NCVC at least 3, AVC always pulls together at least 3-4 awesome events, Artemis does more than its share of supporting the community, RT1 does a phenomenal job with Greenbelt week-in, week-out... We can't ask these clubs to add more to their schedule so some of our other clubs need to step up. I thought there was a rule that each club had to promote at least one event a year after a 1 year grace period ? Maybe we need to enforce that ?

I started out this season hoping for something good. I had to sit out last season due to a broken leg from a MTB race (Poor Farm Cup) at the end of the previous season. Although I did a LOT of officiating I still had the "itch" to race. Anyway, as the season approached I was struggling to find any motivation. You know....always riding in the cold, rainy & crappy weather just isn't all that much fun.

Well, as the season has progressed results have been mixed. The one thing that has been a reoccurring theme is race cancellation. I know the Downtown Norfolk Crit was canned because the city didn't want the race because they felt it didn't draw enough business to the area. The "Tour de Weekend" was cancelled for reasons unknown, but I'm guessing those reasons are pretty close to the same as Norfolk. I officiated Oyster Point last year & I can tell you that it was a NIGHTMARE!!! The residents either didn't care about the event, or never got the word from the city/promoter about it. The "Circle at the Soccer Stadium" (Sportsplex), although not technical at all, is FAST all the time. For that reason it's a good thing......I think.

I think what I'm trying to say is that it's been a "mixed bag" season for me. I think "we" (the cycling community as a whole) needs to try to involve the local communities more in the planning/promoting events. If there's a "vested interest" in the event, & businesses "invest" in the event, then maybe...just MAYBE....."we" might stand a chance of bringing back some of the "old favorite" races to the calendar.

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