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July 23, 2008


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Interesting stuff. I am training under the old school of training and this year have seen no benefit to the long hours during the winter and even now. So I have a couple questions on your post and postings from your blog.

When you say you increase volume during the off season and decreasing intensity but still doing your 2x30. I see you do it 3 days on and then two rest days during the season, does it continue in the offseason this way. Some one said something similar on my blog a few months back and am interested in this philosophy. So the question is are you still doing the same amount of ftp exercises and or just doing one/two of the ftp exercises a week and some long distance slow rides but because you are doing some 95% ftp your overall time should decrease compared to long slow rides. Also do you throw in sprints or do you have to be careful with doing that when constantly doing ftp workouts.



Excellent question - allow me to clarify. In the off season the extra volume comment didn't mean I do long easy rides - but rather a shift from the 95 to 100% FTP workouts (like 2x20, etc) to slighly easier workouts (especially mentally) like 2x20 at 92%, 1x60 at 90 to 92%, 1x90 at 88%, etc. More volume near FTP - but at a slight less intensity. You won't see me doing 3-5 hr "endurance" rides very often, though every now and then they are fine. It's funny actually - I'll do one of those maybe once/month just to make sure I can ride my bike for 5 hrs, and I'm always suprised how easy it feels and how fresh I am at the end!

Block training is easiest to do in when you're not racing (ie, off season) because you don't have to worry about the weekend days - so yes, off season, my athletes (and myself!) do 3-2, 2-1, 4-2 - whatever best suits the rider.

I like sprints year round.

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