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September 08, 2008


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Awesome race recap. I felt like I was there. It's really great to hear about our local teams beating the pros. Job well done.

Frickin Russ: what a stud.


Great stuff guy's, job well done

The chuck 2 speed thing was funny as hell.

Fun recap. Got to love it when the semi-pros outshine the pros. Good team work and it's nice when some of the masters can prove that it's not over yet. By the way.. you guys should just stay in the Pro,1,2 races. Give us old guys a chance to win. Good to see two speed Chuck hurt the other teams, instead of me, on our training rides.
Congrats to Russ! Another great win! You Battley Harley guys are studs.
By the way.. what's the replacement bike and wheel's going to be this next year??

I am behind on my reading... what an awesome recap. Russ certainly knows when to move and who to move with, cheeky...maybe...smart...definitely!!

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