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November 19, 2008


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Great article Jay, as always. Training at the Lost River Barn is a great idea for any racer and his or her team. It offers world class climbing and is just a great place to be. I guarantee that a training camp there will positively affect your team's racing next year!

It is maybe about finding the sweet spot. Your sweet spot and then hitting it hard. If you are hitting something hard and it isn't the sweet spot your energy will be used up pretty quickly.

There are no downloads and no charts. It is all there inside the head locked down by the ipod headphones and probably the rest of us are better for that!

Jay a BAR Champion??? Probably not. Highly unlikely. What year was Jay BAR Champion so that we may all double-check this "fact"?

If that's an error Bill, it's mine. I didn't check it for this article but thought I had seen it previously. Now I can't find where. The point that the title of BAR Champion was intended to convey however - that Jay has a a deep history on training and racing at the sport's elite level - is, I think, indisputable.

I wanted to clarify something Bill Parsons said about Bar Champion. The article I wrote really wasn't about me it was just to share some info (you know take it or leave it) but since it did come up and especially since he said "probably not, highly unlikely" regarding my prospects, I figured maybe he hasn't been around here long OR he is dissing me. First off I don't call myself "bar champion" which could mean a lot of different things. The most prestigious being that who wins the overall elite bar. I have never done that. I have ridden for or supported riders who did or came close; Zach Browne, Chris Schmidt and Russ Langley. I'm better as a support rider, not a super powerful finisher so I am happy and proud to play that role. The year Schmidt finished third (2004) I ended up tenth. The rest of the top ten was made up of TSV riders and R. Munio. Four of the TSV riders were pros the following year: Scott Wizanski, Ian Dille, Russ Langley and "Kris Hedges. Pretty stellar competition. Chris and I floated around the top ten most of the season until the green and blue boys finished things off. Not a big deal and not some huge achievement to document or even remember, except for right now. My biggest personal achievments are top tens in National Pro Races that aren't around anymore. Another Damn Race, Valley of the Sun (actually that is around), the Michelin Classic, the Killington Stage Race and Tour of Coconut Grove are a few, all between 2000 and 2004 after I had turned 40 years old so that kind of means something to me if I choose to count sticks. I also have three medals from elite criterium Championship Races and have won the 40 plus Masters Bar Championship Race so I guess that does make me a "bar champion" although I have never embraced it until now. That also makes Mike May's facts accurate and I want to thank him for presenting my article as well as giving us this great cycling forum.

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