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April 29, 2009


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What I remember are performances, not winners. Somebody wins every race, but a lot of those wins aren't especially memorable, and some of the most impressive performances I've seen have come on training rides, not races.

Like the guy who showed up on the Rock Creek 10 AM ride a couple of years ago on a fixie, hung all the way through the ups and (fast!) downs along River, then churned off the front for good up the hill on Piney Meetinghouse, never to be seen again. Or Russ Langley's occasional imitations on that ride of an Apollo space capsule, shedding other riders like emptied fuel tanks and bits of fuselage until he finally cracks the last one and floats away solo. Or Josh Frick's ability a couple of years ago to lap the Greenbelt A field apparently at will, like some wacky experiment in relativity where his clock was just running faster than everyone else's.

Who won the bunch sprint in which local road race I did, that I mostly forget. But those performances I remember.

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