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October 30, 2009


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Avery rules.

"I was fat and it was steep." I have found my epitaph.

Seriously, I'm gonna be Avery for Halloween. Keep rocking, Avery.

Jeez, what a great interview, an articulate, self-aware young man. (I didn't look once beforehand.) So many partners, NCVC, Sue Hefler/HPC, Pete Lindeman, NCVC U19 teammates ... Dave Kirkpatrick, the 4's ... Many thanks, Jim

Avery I am speeechless. Wow. This is a classic. I am going to frame this one and put in my training center. This is as real as the Tour of Flanders. I don't have enough words to say how proud I am to work with an athlete and person (to me they are the same)of your caliber. You may still be "junior" years, but that was the best piece of training literature I have read in some time. Maybe you can help me write my book. I am going to name it " I was fat and it was steep". You never give up. That what makes you and Nate champions.

Avery is definitely one of the upcoming stars on the "stars and bars" of NCVC. Our juniors are the future.

Avery-- you rock!

You could have let it be about standing in the shadows. Instead your own positive attitude turned your brothers success into a springboard for your own. Well said. I can feel the pride oozing from your parents. All best for next season.

Great read Avery. I really enjoyed it. Inspiring.

What a great interview, and great family. Most professionals are not as articulate on the sport! Keep up the hard work and you'll make it.


I agree ...well done...the sock height question though was that one answered ?

Stick with it Avery. I'll be watching you on TV some day. And nobody I know drills it all the way to that sign...except for you.

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