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December 23, 2009


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If you ride at Patapsco you might meet Chris. He may latch onto your group ride for a while, then ride off into the woods when you finish up, and all most of the people on the ride will know is that the really fast guy's name was Chris ("did you see him shoot up Soapstone?"), and he probably ought to race or something. Major Accomplishments + Major Modesty = Class. What a superb choice as an ambassador for cyclists in Arlington. Let's make sure he has our support.

Does Chris commute by bike from Ellicott City to Arlington 5 days a week? What is he doing with BikeArlington that is encouraging people to commute to work for residents and non-residents? I'd like to see a Bike Station at Ballston or Clarendon metro.

Chris drives to Silver Spring and bikes from there. As for the other questions, you can reach Chris through BikeArlington and discuss your ideas with him directly.

Hi, Lisa. Chris and others at BikeArlington (and Arlington Co. in general) are doing a lot to try and improve things for Arlington cyclists. There were once great plans for a vastly improved set of facilities at Ballston for cyclists, but - like so many other things - they disappeared under budget pressure (and lack of political will). If you're interested in learning more about what's going on in Arlington wrt cycling policy, you might be interested in dropping by a meeting of the Arlington Bicycle Advisory Committee. We meet on the first Monday of every month at the Arlington County complex at Courthouse, in Room 103 (the "Azalea Room") at 7:30p. This Monday's meeting should be interesting, as we expect Jay Fisette (new Arlington Co. chair & long time cyclist) to be there to talk a bit about his plans to support the development of Arlington's bike culture.

(This invite, of course, extends to everyone reading this. I'm the incoming chair of the ABAC, and one of my hopes is that we'll expand the diversity of cyclists that are part of our efforts.)

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