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January 25, 2010


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Wow I made a Gam Jams picture. Obviously this picture was taken before my fitting at Bike Doctor Waldorf by Chris Richardson (see left knee searching for more rotational room). At least I know what wheel to follow . . .

I want tree trunks for legs.

Tim, talk to Todd... he know's everything about weight machines....even where NOT to stick his fingers.

Stevie's a great bike racer and a good friend,he's so calm,quiet and nice off the bike and super aggressive on the bike, a total Jekyll & Hyde...but in a good way haha

Stephen, Great interview. No one will ever call you a sandbagger and good luck on moving up to CAT 1.

Steve, Very fun read. My only concern is that you mentioned learning some of your sprinting skills from Lumpy ( John O. ) That's scary! :-)

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