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March 05, 2010


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Impressive! Most of the time my team rides together, we discuss everything from community service, politics, and beyond. It takes so much more to actually carry it out! Our future team rides will certainly have more focus, ala RPC. Interview questions were quality and multi-directional. Well done. The total package.

Every time I read about what these guys do, I wonder how they can juggle so much like school and community involvement and still do well racing. Good job RPC.

Way to go, Craig. We're not surprised that you have turned your love of cycling into such a dynamic movement to help children. We are thrilled you are doing exactly what you want and doing it very well. Hats off, Coach & Barb of Boonsboro.

Craig you always amaze me. What most people don't know is that Craig was born with natural leadership and is very humble. Keep up the great work. Your Big Bro- Kirk

Craig gave a presentation to lower school students from St. Christopher’s School last spring primarily on the importance of wearing a helmet, and the boys were thrilled to see members of the team in their kits with their bikes. Recently one of the nine year-olds who saw this presentation last year lost his father unexpectedly. Phil Jones gave this boy a RPC jersey, and the smile that returned to this child’s face was priceless. Needless to say the jersey did not come off for the rest of the school day, and being connected to the RPC team helped this one child during a very difficult time. Thank you.

Incredible. Just want to say congrats on the success of the program. Certainly something to aspire to.

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