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June 05, 2012


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Mike, Thank you for your broad contributions to the sport and community. We'll miss you and GJ. -- Jim

Dang Mike! This site was my intro to bike race blogging. You will be missed. Thanks bud.

IMO you've gone the distance. I learned at least as much about 'what is a good blog' as I did about the races each week. Thank you.

Say it ain't so! Thanks, Mike - your contribution to the local race scene and the sport in general is much appreciated. Best of luck to you!

Oh dear, American Pie is playing through my head ... rode my Super Six to the levee. Mike thanks for a great ride and the opportunity to share some Euro adventures. I will continue to ride my GJ socks proudly!

Truly, GamJams will be missed. I Hope for the best for you and for November. I will really miss the contributions of Gus... (sigh)

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